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Fonta Flora


What We're Above

What We're Above

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Appalachian Wild Ale with Blackberries and Nectarines

アルコール度数/ABV: 6.4%


Appalachian wild ale brewed with local barley malt and cereal mashed with local raw wheat. Boiled extensively with burlap-aged hops. Fermented with our mixed house cultures in one of our beautiful foeders, then transferred into oak barrels for months of extended aging. Transferred out of oak onto a massive amount of whole, fresh, local blackberries for 3 months. From there, we married this saturated base with a nectarine-saturated wild ale. After additional slumbering, What We’re Above was racked into a bottling tank for packaging. Conditioned naturally inside the bottle and keg. Showcasing a unique blend of light and dark fruits, this unlikely combination will forever have us looking for a black nectarine. Bright summer acidity from local nectarines paired up perfectly with drippy and jammy local blackberries to create an unforgettable flavor experience.

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